Lourdes Gee

Dear Members,

It is truly an honor to be the new CFCA President. I have accepted this position because I am passionate about our profession and about the CFCA and I genuinely want us all to excel to our highest potential, as individuals and as a whole.

Recently, I attended my first Les Clefs d'Or (LCD) Congress in Montreal, Canada. It was a great congress and I learned of a number of things that should be of benefit to our association. I would like to take a moment and share those with you.

First, LCD has a foundation that provides financial support to concierges who are no longer able to work due to catastrophic or life threatening illnesses. The foundation was created in 1990 when the organization suffered the loss of several of their members to Aids. In 2005, in response to the catastrophic hurricane season, the Relief Fund was created to help concierges who found themselves in need of assistance through no fault of their own. The Foundation and the Relief Fund merged in 2007. Those who benefit from the Foundation include hotel concierges and former concierges in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Mexico, and also significant others. It is important to note that Membership in LCD is not required to receive support from the Foundation and the process is completely confidential.


Also, the "Congress Buddy Introduction" program. This is where a member is assigned to first time attendees to provide any assistance that they may need. I believe that this is a good program and we could use it here in Orlando with our new members so they will feel included when they attend their first meetings. Two of our members, Michael Watkins and Renae Bell have already expressed their interest in implementing this program. I would like to thank them for this.

In conclusion, as your new President I intend to improve our on-line presence which as you know is our projection to the world. As with any new technology, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we must stay current with any changes in order to be relevant. That's why we are very fortunate at this time to have one of our board members, Keith Charlton, assisting us in this effort.

Thank you for this opportunity.