The name of this organization shall be the Central Florida Concierge Association, here-after referred to as “The Association”.


The purpose of the Association shall be, but is not limited to;

Increase the professionalism of, and establish ethical standards for the Concierge in the Central Florida area.

Establish and develop mutually beneficial ties with the local business community.

Exchange ideas, concerns and create an information network.

Promote the profession of the Concierge through increased Community awareness.

Establish and nurture strong ties with local media representatives to further the development of the Concierge concept.

Expand the horizons of the Concierge and offer opportunities for personal and professional growth.


SECTION 1 A member shall be any person actively employed in the State of Florida as a “titled” Hotel Concierge (either in a lobby, concierge floor or club level) serving a transient clientele. These members must be “directly” employed by the Hotel and stationed in either a separate desk or designated section of a main desk and may not hold a combined position such as that of Guest Services/Bellman.

An exception will be made for Chef Concierges, Concierge Supervisors and Concierge Managers who may be unable to work in the front of the house or at the Lobby Concierge desk due to their various responsibilities.

SECTION 2 Concierge Affiliate membership is available to the following employees who’s principle responsibilities are that of a “Concierge” and who’s duties or services are performed at a visible and designated location that is accessible by guests:

A. Employees of the Orange County Convention Center who serve at guest services desks in the capacity of a concierge.

B. “Titled” Concierge/Guest Service” employees who serve transient clientele and are employed by Hotels, Resorts, Timeshare/Condo Properties, Shopping Malls, Hospitals or Adult Living Communities.

C. Third party concierge companies that lease space for the purpose of providing concierge related services in various hotels and/or any other type of transient building and are titled “Concierge/Guest Service”.

Titled Concierge and Concierge Affiliates will have full voting privileges for the Election of Officers, By-Laws and Amendments to the By-Laws.

SECTION 3 Associate Membership may be granted to individuals whose business or organization has a direct relationship to the service a Concierge offers to a guest. Associate Members will not have voting privileges.

SECTION 4 Honorary Membership shall be by invitation of the Board of Directors of the Association. Honorary membership may apply to professionals within the hospitality field who do not meet the requirements for members. Candidates for Honorary membership may be elected by a (2/3) two-thirds vote of those present at an Association business meeting. Honorary members will not pay dues and are not considered voting members.

SECTION 5 Suspension – Any member may be suspended by a majority vote of the board. Suspended members may appeal the suspension by requesting a vote of the membership. A two-thirds vote of the members present at an Association business meeting will uphold the suspension decision of the board. Members may be suspended for a period not to exceed three months for sufficient cause. Sufficient cause may be, but is not limited to, failure to attend four business meetings within a calendar year, or failure to pay dues.

SECTION 6 Expulsion – Any member may be recommended to the President for expulsion. If the President and Board feel there is just cause to recommend expulsion, a secret ballot vote will be carried out by all members attending a regular business meeting. The charges and cause for expulsion will be presented to the membership for consideration at a regular business meeting. Voting on a question of expulsion shall occur at the next business meeting following the meeting where cause for expulsion was presented. The decision of the vote by the membership shall be considered final.

SECTION 7 All members, having met all criteria for membership, agree to abide by the guidelines for membership detailed in these By-Laws.


SECTION 1 The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the following Officers; President, Vice-President, Director of Community Affairs, Secretary, Membership Director, Treasurer, Past-President and five (5) Associates.

SECTION 2 All Officers (with the exception of Associate Board Members and Past-President) shall be elected following nominations and the majority vote of the members present at the Election meeting to be held in April of each year. Term of Office for all Officers will be two (2) years. For Board Position eligibilities see ARTICLE 6: SECTIONS 6, 7 & 8.

SECTION 3 Each Concierge Board Member shall be partnered with a respective Associate Board Member. This will strengthen the function of each office and encourage continued open communication with the Associate Membership. The assignment of partners shall be the responsibility of the President.

SECTION 4 Every year in the month of December, the officers of the Association will nominate (5) five Associate Members in good standing to serve as Associate Board Members. Any Associate Member in good standing may volunteer to serve as a Board Member and the term shall be 12 months. Any Member may serve up to 3 (three) consecutive terms. The duties of an Associate Board Member will be to assist the Association and its Officers in coordinating monthly meetings, producing and distributing or publishing the Newsletter and any other duties agreed to by the Officers and the Board Members. Associate Board Members will report directly to the Vice-President of the Association. Associate Board Members will have voting privileges at Board Meetings. Associate Board Members may not represent themselves as spokespersons, agents or sole representatives of the Association nor shall they bestow endorsement of the Association on to their business, service or product. The Officers of the Association will assist in promoting the Associate Board Member’s businesses, services and products by recommending them to our guests.


SECTION 1 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board. The President will appoint all committees, oversee the activities of all Officers and committees and represent the Association in all instances required as the Chief Officer of the Association.

SECTION 2 The Vice-President will act in place of the President in the absence of the President and shall perform such duties as designated by the President.

SECTION 3 The Director of Community Affairs will serve as the Public Relations Representative for the Association, coordinate and oversee media relations and function as the liaison between the Association and the Community.

SECTION 4 The Secretary will be responsible for keeping all records of the Association. The Secretary shall be responsible for all official communications of the Association and perform other duties as assigned by the President.

SECTION 5 The Treasurer shall handle all financial matters and will be responsible for maintaining all financial records for the Association. The Treasurer will disperse funds at the direction of the Board. The Treasurer shall perform any other duties as assigned by the President.

SECTION 6 The Membership Director shall be responsible for maintaining the Member-ship List current and recruiting and verifying the eligibility of all new members. The Membership Director will be the person contacted for RSVP’s to business meetings.

SECTION 7 The Immediate Past-President will serve as a support and advisor to the Board of Directors and the Membership Body. The Immediate Past-President (in a two year term) will aid in the transition of leadership and mentor the sitting President. The Immediate Past President carries voting rights only in the event of a tie.


SECTION 1 Nomination of the Officers will occur at the regular scheduled Business Meeting of the Association held in March.

SECTION 2 Election of Officers will occur at a meeting to be held in April of each year. All terms of office will be for a period of two years. The President, Director of Community Affairs and Treasurer will be voted on even-numbered years. The Vice-President, Secretary and Membership Director will be voted on odd-numbered years.

SECTION 3 A majority vote by secret ballot of “Titled Concierge and “Concierge Affiliate” Members present at the election meeting shall decide the election of Officers.

SECTION 4 In the event of a tie, a re-vote will be taken. In the event of another tie following a re-vote, the winner will be determined by a flip of a coin.

SECTION 5 Vacancies on the Board will be filled by appointment of the Board for the remainder of the term. The position of President will be filled by the Vice-President with a new Vice-President being appointed by the Board.

SECTION 6 Only “Titled Concierge” members with a minimum of one-year active participation will be eligible for nomination for President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

SECTION 7 “Titled Concierge and/or “Concierge Affiliate” members with a minimum six (6) months active participation will be eligible for nomination for Director of Community Affairs, Membership Director and Secretary”.

SECTION 8 Associate members are excluded from election of the Officers.

SECTION 9 In the event that a Board position is vacated prematurely, for any reason, the Board of Directors shall appoint an eligible member to fulfill the duties of the respective office until the following election.


SECTION 1 Business Meetings shall be held once a month. Over a six (6) month period should any member RSVP to a meeting and subsequently miss attending the meeting without calling to cancel in accordance with the cancellation policy – The first occurrence will result in a fine of $7 for Concierge or Concierge Affiliate and $10 for Associate. The second occurrence will result in a fine of $14 and the third occurrence will result in suspension of participation in CFCA activities for six (6) months.

SECTION 2 It will be the responsibility of each member to report to the designated Roll taker at the beginning or finish of each scheduled business Meeting and to ensure that his/her attendance at that meeting has been noted. Unless otherwise appointed by the President the Treasurer and Membership Director will perform the duties of recording attendance.

SECTION 3 Meetings of the Board will be held at the discretion of the President.

SECTION 4 Special and Social function meetings shall be called at the Discretion of the Board. Notice for these meetings must be given at least ten days prior to the meeting if at all possible.

SECTION 5 Business of the Association shall be approved by the majority vote of the Concierge and Concierge Affiliate members present at any regular scheduled meeting. A quorum of 2/3 of the Board must also be present for any voting to occur.

SECTION 6 On all questions of Parliamentary procedures, Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.


SECTION 1 Dues for all Concierge and Concierge Affiliate members shall be ($35.00) thirty-five dollars per year, payable by the 1st of March. Payment must be made by the member joining. All new members shall pay the full year’s dues upon admission to the Association, regardless of the date joined.

SECTION 2 The Board of Directors and Honorary members shall be exempt from paying dues.

SECTION 3 Increase in dues, as necessitated by the expenditures of the Association shall be determined by the Board and carried out by the Treasurer.

SECTION 4 Dues for Associate Members shall be Two Hundred dollars for one member and One Hundred dollars per additional individual(s) from the same business. Dues are collectible immediately upon admission to the Association regardless of date joined. The Associate Membership must be renewed annually by March 1st. Failing to do so will terminate the Associate’s Membership.


SECTION 1 Members will have the guest needs in mind when recommending goods and services.

SECTION 2 All members will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when attending any event or gathering endorsed or sponsored by the Association.

SECTION 3 When receiving goods or services on a complimentary basis from local businesses, each member is expected to provide an appropriate Gratuity.

SECTION 4 Each member must respond to all invitations received with regards to Association meetings or events within the time frame specified.

SECTION 5 No member shall in any manner represent himself as spokesperson, agent or sole representative of the Association. Questions pertaining to or business of the Association shall be referred to the Director of Community Affairs. No member shall accept offers, goods or services in the name of the Association.

SECTION 6 No member shall bestow endorsement of the Association to any Business or their products.

SECTION 7 Failure of any member to adhere to the Ethics and Standards herein described will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.

SECTION 8 The Ethics and Standards also apply for Associate Members.

SECTION 9 Professional dress is required at all Association functions unless otherwise specified. Professional Dress for Gentlemen is defined as Collared Shirt, Dress Pants or Slacks, and Closed-Toed Dress Shoes. No Denim, Flip Flops, Shorts, or Tank Tops. Suits, Jacket and Tie, Shirt and Tie, or any combination there in are strongly encouraged.

Professional Dress for Ladies is defined as Suits/Separates including Pants or Skirt. No Denim, Flip Flops or Beach Sandals, Short Shorts, Tank Tops, or overly revealing attire.


SECTION 1 The By-Laws of this Association may be amended by a two-thirds vote of Concierge and Concierge Affiliate members of the Association.

SECTION 2 The Secretary will notify Concierge and Concierge Affiliate members of the proposed amendment and the meeting date that this will be discussed and voted on.

SECTION 3 All proposed amendments to the By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the Board for consideration.