January Newsletter

A Message from our President

Dear Members of CFCA,  

Welcome January!
A month of new beginnings, gift returns, hopes, future plans, and resolutions. In Spain, it is referred to as La Cuesta de Enero, or “The Cost of January”.
We trek uphill while paying back for excesses that took place over the holidays.
In many places, it’s a bleak month when most chilly souls keep indoors and wait for it to pass. Here in Orlando, it’s different, of course! 

We enjoy the most beautiful sunsets that almost look hand painted – it brings out the artist in us and reminds us how lucky we are. 2020 is the beginning of a new decade and Orlando is gearing up to it. Several resorts are opening in the next couple of months, the parks are testing new rides that soon will be inaugurated. Cirque de Soleil also is getting ready to reopen their doors in the spring. Our city is already buzzing with several conferences that will certainly keep us all in business.
This month marks the end of the Asian Lantern Festival at the Sanford Zoo – Into the Wild. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it!

From January 5-14, you have a chance to visit Osceola Heritage Park for the Mecum Auction and Collector Car Show. It opens every day at 7:30am – kids 12 and under are free, and adults are $20 each. You’ll see some incredible cars and may even have the chance to buy your dream machine.

If you’re a nature lover, you won’t want to miss the annual Lake Apopka Wildlife Festival and Birdapalooza Birding Festival. You can tour more than 20,000 acres, which are home to more than 360 bird species. There are a variety of packages: from full day trips to half day drips, from dinners with experts to keynote speeches.

On another note, our Board has some new positions open. Listed below are the requirements and duties.
·       Director of Community Affairs:  He or she will serve as the Public Relations representative for the Association, coordinate and oversee media relations and function as a liaison between the Association and the Community. – Must be a titled concierge or concierge affiliate member with a minimum of six months membership and active participation. 
·        Associate Board Member: Assist the association and its officers in coordinating monthly meetings, producing & distributing/publishing the newsletter, and any other duties necessary for the board members.

As for resolutions, here are a few that made me think
·     Be active to feel good – physical and mental health go hand in hand.
·     Spread compliments rather than gossip – it could mean the world to someone.
      Go someplace you’ve never been – new experiences nurture growth!
·    Incorporate random acts of kindness into your routine – help others get by.

I look forward to seeing you all at Lake Nona on the 23rd!

Yours in Service,

Nekane Alvarez
Central Florida Concierge Association          ‌