March Newletter

Dear Members of the CFCA,  

As always I hope this letter find you well.

As we hope that these unusual times go by quickly and with minimum repercussions to our lives and livelihoods, please accept best wishes from your board of directors. 

This month I’ll steer toward popular recommendations that can help us keep our health and others safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, it is best to be as cautious as possible – practice social distancing. Now is the time to work from home if you can, develop that talent you’ve put aside for a while, do some spring cleaning, watch shows and movies, and play board games with your loved ones. Follow trusted sources and outlets from researchers and scientists – not guesses from misinformed friends or neighbors.  

Personally, I brushed this off at the beginning, thinking it would blow over quickly. However, the reduction in work hours, the group cancellations, and the loss of lives have proven me wrong. These are strange times and we’ll adapt – we simply must. The Oscar’s left us with some phenomenal award winning movies this year that can be enjoyed at home via different streaming sources – I’m still thinking about Parasite, (The same director has two other movies on Netflix) and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Now is your time to catch up, rather than going out to that public event.

If you are going to go out – Early Voting is taking place right now in a voting place near you. This Tuesday will be the day at the polls for the primary elections. Exercise your civic duty and right to vote! And along the way, get a little fresh air.

We are all feeling the pinch on our industry, but we shall overcome and enjoy each other’s company again soon. It was a privilege to have Michal Romei visit The Waldorf Astoria, Orlando and share with us his immense knowledge. He spoke with eloquence regarding the trail of personalized service, which took place in an intimate setting that allowed those present to enjoy a meaningful seminar. Concierge and members of the hospitality business alike learned ways to bring that unique magic that appeals to every guest, back to their businesses. 

One of the closing points of Michael Romei’s seminar was Taking Care of You, and I think it is more than fitting to share with you
– Remember and practice breathing
– Keep good health – mind and spirit
– Take care of your feet
– Reward yourself – you deserve it
– Always give back

Dear friends, I trust that things will get better if we remain informed, smart, and vigilant together. In the meantime, look after yourselves and help one another. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Warmest regards,   

Nekane Alvarez
Central Florida Concierge Association    
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